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We support and enrich the work of SEND North by sharing God’s Story using Social Media.   The work of a Communication Specialist is not glamorous but it is essential in our day and age!

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Dear Friends of Daryl and Laura Carlson,

For over 15 years, the Carlsons have served God faithfully through the ministry of SEND North. Although they now live in Illinois, their commitment to Christ-proclaiming, Kingdom-spreading, disciple-making work in the North remains resolute. While our field missionaries are laboring in the work of the Gospel in remote and isolated locations, Daryl is diligently sharing their stories and the ministry needs of SEND North with the people around the world through a variety of communication tools. Showcasing God’s work through missions via Facebook, Twitter, blog articles, and a myriad of other communication tasks is an often thankless and overlooked work. His name is rarely attached to anything he creates, yet without his voice, many people around the world would have no concept of the unique and stark spiritual needs that exist in the 60-70 Window of Alaska and northern Canada.

While the Carlsons remain committed to sharing Jesus with the least-reached people of the North, it is often hard for people to understand how someone living in Illinois can still be doing “missions.” The unique nature of communications today has removed many of the barriers that used to exist in Gospel proclamation. For example, a friend of mine with Wycliffe Bible Translators is heavily involved in translation work for the people of Tanzania, although he lives in Kansas. This allows that family to advance the Gospel while caring for their diabetic son.

Similar, the Carlsons are passionately committed to bringing the message of abundant life in Christ to the North, but their family needs bring them to Illinois.

Daryl is fulfilling a unique and vital role within SEND North. Would you prayerfully consider supporting the Carlsons today?

Together for the Gospel,

Jim Stamberg,

Area Director, SEND North

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