15 in 15

Dear friends,

In May of 2016, we prepared for what has come to be an annual ritual for the Carlson family, moving. (This was move number 15 in 15 years of marriage.) We praise God for providing the perfect home for us to live in, and for giving us a smooth transition across town on June 3rd.  Our new address is 6608 N. Suffolk Ave, Peoria IL   61615.  Our phone numbers have not changed, Daryl cell: 309-643-7074  and Laura’s cell: 309-210-9047

It is interesting.  My daily routine for SEND North is rather unremarkable at times, searching for interesting information to share, writing content, scheduling social media posts, and sending out mission prayer updates.  However, it can also be fascinating and encouraging.  I am especially encouraged when I get to read prayer updates from our missionaries.  It is like I have a front row seat to see and share all that God is up to in the far north. Here are just a few of SEND North’s happenings conveyed as it was on Social Media:

Summertime is a busy time with short term teams, interns, and partnership exploration trips.  There was a productive vision trip of Anchorage area pastors which resulted in fruitful opportunities.  We also are having our annual Northern Ministry Training this month.


  • Emily landed her first role in a community play.  She is practicing hard nearly every night for the July performance of Seussical The Musical. We are so proud of her for landing a role after persistently trying out for various shows and helping out for one as a part of the crew.
  • Annika just finished a week of music camp in which she discovered the flute.  She told me the other day that she wants to play the guitar, piano, and flute.  She is taking after her mother!  Annika also performed in a short musical after a church music camp.  So much fun to watch our little girl shine!
  • Sam turned four years old on Sunday.  He continues to love music, and we are now seeing an engineer like side to him emerge.  He is constantly trying to figure out how things work.  Just yesterday, in the midst of Annika’s music camp performance, Sam asked me how the speakers and microphone worked.
  • Laura just finished a women’s Bible study series in which she was a table leader.  She felt that God used her to connect with and encourage other women in a powerful way.
  • We are in the process of unpacking in our new home.  We love the neighborhood.  Sam already made a friend with a neighbor boy, and we are close to one of Annika’s friends.  Each of the kids has their room which is a blessing! You see, homeschooling keeps the kids together a lot, so having their space to get away is essential.
  • Finally, Laura’s Dad is currently living with us.  Two days after we moved, Dad was admitted to the ER for another urinary tract infection.  Since he needs rehab but despises nursing homes, he is staying with us while he regains his strength.  We have a daily visit from various home health services to attempt to get Dad back on his feet.  Unfortunately, he is not bouncing back from this one as well as the others.  If he doesn’t improve his visit may become more permanent, or he may have to go to a facility of some kind.

Pray for:

  • Continued wisdom for Me as I strive to use social media to connect more people to God’s work in Alaska and Northern Canada.
  • Settling into a new home and that we will be a good witness to our neighbors. The health of Laura’s Dad and the decisions which need to be made.
  • SEND North is continuing to look for a new Area Director.  Of the thirteen prospects, no one has felt lead to pursue the role.  Please pray for God’s hand of guidance.

Thanks again for being a valuable member of our team!

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