2017 So Far

I hope your 2017 is providing opportunities to join God in growing His Kingdom.  If these last two months have been less than ideal, I pray God’s peace and guidance will be with you in extra measure.  Our new year has been off to a good start despite some technical difficulties!  It took some trial and error, but I finally just got both our desktop and laptop working properly.  Trouble struck right when I needed to launch a new campaign.

The View From The 60/70 Window

If you follow SEND North on social media you would have noticed a new vision statement, as stated in this graphic:

send-north-60-70-window_2017 vision

Tag Line Graphic with mbr small sized


Practically speaking this makes my job more efficient to have a vision statement as well as a tagline like this one above.

It allows me to briefly highlight our purpose on nearly every piece of communication we send out.  Right now I’ve been busy updating our social media, cornerstone articles, videos, and website to reflect this refocused vision.    If you go to www.sendnorth.org, you will see the blog post from our leadership expanding on the reason and benefits of casting a driving vision for the mission.

I would like to praise God for a specific way he has used social media to start a potential powerful partnership.  Due in part to my encouragement and vision for social media, our Area Director began using Twitter a year ago.  Recently a pastor, who has been quietly following our work, reached out to Jim Stamberg.  This pastor has a heart for aviation ministry and is requesting our input on his vision to make it easier for missionary pilots to get to the field.  Pray that this Twitter relationship grows into a vital ministry partnership!

On The Family Front

The youngest member of our troupe, Sam, is enjoying his drum lessons.  He has a great teacher! Annika has been cast in her first play, “The Mystery of Edmond Drude.”  She is spending hours a week in practice with the other young members of this Corn Stock Theatre production.  Annika is also working on her cello skills with the Peoria Youth Symphony.  Emily continues to love being on the worship team, and she is now playing the keyboard on the team. She is also going to choir contest as a duet.  On looming item for prayer is the fact that Emily will be entering High School in the fall.  We desire wisdom as we make decisions on the best approach.
Laura is still working hard on homeschool and still enjoys leading a women’s table at a local bible study.  One piece of praise is God’s provision for great Chiropractic care.  Laura is caring for our chiropractor’s baby two days a week in exchange for free care for the entire family.  A huge blessing indeed!

The Muslim Outreach at our church will put on more public events shortly.  I may also do some training on cross-cultural communication, God willing!  At the end of March, I will be doing pulpit fill for a local, supporting church.  Please remember that I would love to give an update at any of our other Illinois churches, just reach out if you are interested.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that I will persuasively communicate the need, God’s heart for these people, and our Gospel proclamation efforts

  • SEND’s new vision statement, renewed focus and clearer communication.

  • More partnerships to develop via social media.

  • Financial turnaround for our ministry fund.  We now are working reduced hours.

  • Continued growth for our kids and peace in the home as Laura educates them.


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