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Our ministry experience.
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Our ministry experience.

Daryl Carlson graduated from Moody Bible Institute in May of 1997 with a B.A. in Communications.  In 2011, Daryl received his certification as a Life Coach.  He has 18 years of ministry experience, 15 of which has been with SEND International.  Daryl served SEND as Program Director for KRSA radio, Director of Broadcasting for the Northern Light Network, and Communication Specialist for SEND North.  Follow this link to read about Daryl’s current assignment. Daryl’s passion for communication moves beyond the radio / video / social media world.   He provides pulpit supply for area churches and has done drama for outreach.

Laura attended Lincoln Christian University.  In the ministry, she has served as a Youth Pastor, Camp Counselor, Camp Program Director, and she is a compassionate listener for people who are hurting.  Now, Laura’s ministry is our children.  She is a dedicated, passionate homeschooling mom who is co-launching three lives into the world to make a deep impact for God’s Kingdom.

Click here to hear read how God brought Daryl and Laura together.


Our Testimonies.

Daryl trusted Jesus as his personal Savior at age seven through his loving, Godly parents. In 2nd grade God prompted Daryl to dedicate his life to serve the Lord, a desire that strengthened as he grew up in a Bible believing church.  God led Daryl into missions through two short-term mission trips.  In 1996, he spent one year with The Co-Mission in Magadan, Russia.  After returning to Chicago and finishing his Broadcasting degree at Moody Bible Institute, Daryl served in Southeast Alaska with KRSA radio for a year and a half.  God made clear that Daryl was to serve Him “full time” at KRSA – but not alone.  As he was raising support, Daryl met Laura Nickerson and they were married in 2002.

Laura also accepted Jesus as her personal Savior at a young age through her loving, Godly parents.  When Laura was 18, she gave her life totally to God.  She had always felt called to serve God as a missionary.  Her mother says that as soon as she was old enough to talk she would often say, “I’m going to tell the world about Jesus.”   Laura attended Lincoln Christian University and has been involved with many ministry opportunities. The deepest desire of her heart was to serve full time as a wife, a mother, and a missionary.  God miraculously fulfilled her desires when she met Daryl and was married on August 17th, 2002.

Our Children

Emily was born in July of 2003. God answered our prayers for children right away. We got pregnant with her just a couple of months after getting married. She loves horses, has an amazing imagination, wants to be a Midwife, and loves to talk to people.

Annika was born December of 2008. We thought Emily would be our only child due to secondary infertility. Praise God for our second little girl. Annika also loves horses, America Ninja Warrior, wants to be a Chiropractor, and is a talker.

Sam was born June of 2012. He was our wonderful surprise baby boy! He is all boy and says frequently that he loves everyone. He has a passion for drums and knows no stranger.

(I wonder where they get their love of talking?)