August 2016 Update

Dear friends,
What a ride the past two months have been.  We’ve enjoyed and have been stretched by having Laura’s dad living with us.  He worked hard to increase his strength to be able to move into one particular assisted living facility which he loves.  We are so glad to see him recover well enough to achieve his goal.  He is very happy in his new home.  Please continue to pray for his health.  He does have dementia which may impact this situation in the future, but for now, he is doing well.

This July was a very encouraging time for those who minister in Alaska and Northern Canada.  Three different teams were used by our Father to bring four new people into the family!  Just last week, one of our teams held a baptism service for six people.  The service was for two new converts and four believers making the decision to be baptized.   Celebrate with us for the great work God is doing.  The harvest can be slow this far north, so we rejoice at each new birth!  I was so inspired that I had to create a little ‘party video’ to help us rejoice with the angels.  Check it out by typing this address into your web browser:

August is the time to wrap up those summer activities that help people prepare for winter.  It  is also time to wrap up all the summer camp adventures.  Pray for safety and effective work as folks prepare to re-enter the long dark months.
If you want to view some of my other work, check out SEND North’s Blog at


  • Emily completed the grueling practices and nine long performances of  Seussical The Musical. We are so proud of her for all of her hard work.
  • Laura is now getting geared up for another year of homeschooling.   Her dad’s move has freed her up to get back into the role of teacher.

Pray for:

  • Continued creative resilience for me as I strive to manufacture and find good content to pull people into God’s work in Alaska and Northern Canada.
  • A great start to the homeschool year.  It is always an adjustment for the kids to get back into that routine.
  • The health of Laura’s Dad and the decisions which continue to be made.  It is not fully known yet how his diagnosis of Dementia will impact him.  Laura is still taking significant time to visit and help dad get the things he needs.  He lives 45 minutes away from us.
  • SEND North has found a possible candidate for Area Director.  The person is meeting with various teams in person and remotely.  The vote will take place this month.  Continue to pray for God’s hand of guidance.

Thanks again for being a valuable member of our team!

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