May 2017

He is Risen Indeed (Yes Easter was a few weeks back, but this phrase is always appropriate.)  I hope you find small ways every day to celebrating your life changing relationship with Jesus.  God is challenging me to find creative ways to keep him front and center in my mind and heart throughout the day. …

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2017 So Far

I hope your 2017 is providing opportunities to join God in growing His Kingdom.  If these last two months have been less than ideal, I pray God’s peace and guidance will be with you in extra measure.  Our new year has been off to a good start despite some technical difficulties!  It took some trial…

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Near Overload

Dear friends, There are times when I don’t like working in Social Media.  This election cycle was almost unbearable at times, but I marched on for the sake of the ministry.  Let us continue to pray for our new leader and work to bring healing to our neighbors.  Our calling has not changed even though…

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September Already?

Dear friends, It is September already?  Where does the time go?  Overall, we have been encouraged by the way God is bringing things together for us.  School is winding up, God is moving in exciting ways in SEND North, and we are relatively healthy.  We are truly thankful every day for all that God has…

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August 2016 Update

Dear friends, What a ride the past two months have been.  We’ve enjoyed and have been stretched by having Laura’s dad living with us.  He worked hard to increase his strength to be able to move into one particular assisted living facility which he loves.  We are so glad to see him recover well enough…

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15 in 15

Dear friends, In May of 2016, we prepared for what has come to be an annual ritual for the Carlson family, moving. (This was move number 15 in 15 years of marriage.) We praise God for providing the perfect home for us to live in, and for giving us a smooth transition across town on…

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Standing in the Gap

(written in December of 2015) So much has happened over the past six years.  You know most of the story, but there has been a story-line which we could not share… until now.   Why now?  Well, we have been in God’s crucible of growth and change.  Quite frankly, it has been hard to see…

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Pile of Projects

HI everyone, I just sent out another newsletter.  I left out some details to keep it lighter reading.  For those of you who are interested, here is a list of what I am currently up to.  My part time work for SEND North is paying big dividends and is worth the struggles it brings. Let…

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All Moved In

Hello Everyone, We are all moved into our new rental home in Peoria, Illinois.  It is a very nice little place in a great location.  It has three small bedrooms, one bathroom, but a large finished basement.  That basement really makes it a perfect place.  The landlords also left a few pieces of furniture for…

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The Son leads the way.

Lucky 13

Thirteen years of full time ministry!  That is a good number.  I have quite a collection of interesting stories after thirteen years as well as many lessons learned.  Through it all I seem to keep coming back to my life verse Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,  and do not rely on your…

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