Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you serving part time out of state?
Why are you paid through a project account as a contract worker?
Why does Alaska need missionaries?

  • Q.Why are you serving part time outside of Alaska?

    A.The following are several reasons for this change:
    We have been married for 15 years and we have moved 14 times, selling off all of our possessions twice.  That level of upheaval has started to take its toll.
    Laura’s extended family has health concerns.  Her father has Dementia, and she wants to be available to help, especially after loosing her mother in November 2013.
    It costs considerably less to live outside of Alaska and I can do most of the work remotely.
    SEND North felt that an off-field, self-supported missionary needed to be work on a part time basis.

  • Q.Why are you paid through a project account as a contract worker?

    A.Since life has limited our service to be part time from Illinois, working as an independent contractor paid through a project account is the most financially responsible method available to us. God clearly led us to this arrangement to leave our self supported missionary status.  We are doing precisely the same work as when we were missionaries.    SEND International still receipts the tax deductible donations since it is for their project.  We are still responsible to fund this project account.  The only change is the internal logistics of the gift receipting process and a serious reduction in administrative costs.

  • Q.Why does Alaska need missionaries?

    A.Alaska is part of the United States and it has a very small population. The Church is present in Alaska. It does cost more money to live in our 49th state than the rest of the country. For these reasons, many people question the validity of this missionary endeavor. However, there is so much more than meets the eye. The native communities in Alaska have a completely different culture and values. They associate Jesus with the American Government and all the atrocities they have experienced. The Caucasians living in Alaska also see themselves as not needing “the crutch of religion”. They will only listen to people who are “from here” who have earned their trust. Alaska is 2.5 times larger than Texas and is populated mostly by small villages or people living alone in the wilderness.  The picture in the upper left of this page is Alaska to scale against the rest of the country. The only way to get to most of these people is by small plane which is costly to operate.  The believers in Alaska can’t possibly reach everyone without outside help. Also consider the fact that in scripture God shows extra concern for those who are rejected or forgotten by society. Alaska is ‘the ends of the earth’ and is filled with ‘the least of these’. I believe that, in God’s economy, Alaska is a high priority.