May 2017

He is Risen Indeed

(Yes Easter was a few weeks back, but this phrase is always appropriate.)  I hope you find small ways every day to celebrating your life changing relationship with Jesus.  God is challenging me to find creative ways to keep him front and center in my mind and heart throughout the day.  As you know, that can be a challenge when each day is so full of competing responsibilities. That is why I hold tightly to those times when I see God clearly.  We had one such experience this month as SEND North pursued an ambitious project.

The view from the 60/70 window…

If you follow SEND North on social media you would have heard about our Cessna 206 Project.
SEND North had an opportunity to purchase at half price the plane we had been leasing for ministry around Fairbanks, Alaska.  The catch, we had just over a month’s notice.  I helped modify and clean up a few videos to use, wrote the project page, and created the social media campaign.  Everyone in the mission helped spread the word.  God responded through churches and individuals to bring in over $50,000 in three weeks.  That is a major YEAH GOD moment worth holding onto.  If you go to, you can read the whole story in the blog post written by SEND International.

Other Far North News:  

  • My direct supervisor, Steven Hall, just moved to Houston, Texas in order to be more strategic in creating partnerships for the mission.  We had a very success fundraising event there earlier this month.  Pray that God will open doors to advance His Kingdom.

We have welcomed several new people in the body of Christ this past month.  Pray for their growth.  

Pray for all the other people who have seeds of the truth growing in their hearts, and that a harvest will be gathered soon!

  • We have team leader and field council retreats scheduled for May.  Pray that God will guide the leadership of the mission as the seek him to grow our discipleship efforts.  

We have a media intern in Anchorage this summer.  Pray for a productive and positive experience for Kelly Quist.

On the Family Front…

Family Drama:  Yes, we do have some of what you might expect I mean by this phrase.  Meeting the health needs of Laura’s Dad does add to this.  However, what I am really getting at is Emily and Annika’s budding drama skills.  Annika finished her first play, The Mystery of Edmond Drood, and she did great in her little roll (which included some improv).  Emily volunteered as a stagehand, and then was given a part as an extra in the final scene.   It was so much fun that they tried out for the next play, The Lion King, and they both got cast!  I’m so proud of them.
Laura has wrapped up the women’s bible study and getting ready to set homeschool into summer mode (yes they keep a slower but steady pace through the summer).  She is looking for a solid summer babysitting job to help pay for Emily’s high school program (a good one but it does cost more).  Please pray for provision and for Emily as she steps closer to adulthood.
The Muslim Outreach at our church had a good premiere showing of a documentary, The No Joke Project, which features our pastor.  I am leading a follow-up class on May 7th which will equip people to build relationships and share their faith with Muslims.

Our Support  

We are thankful for your prayers and/or financial support.  It is never easy for me to work on this part of ministry, but I do trust God.  I am feeling a bit like our backs are up against the wall with our personal budget and the limitations on my time to accomplish all that I have planned.  Will you help us spread the word about this vital ministry?   You can simply direct people to our website:

Thanks for your prayers and support and help!

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