Our Current Ministry Assignment

Daryl  Carlson served for 15 years as a missionary with SEND working in various communication roles.  Daryl continues that work now on a contract basis with SEND North.  Daryl is paid via the SEND North Social Media Project fund which he works to maintain.
Daryl is a valuable part of SEND North’s Logistics and Support Team.  (Read this letter from SEND North’s Area Director.)
Daryl serves by handling the creative and technical needs of telling God’s Story using social media.  This includes some video production,  writing articles, graphic design, all the behind the scenes work of running social media platforms, as well as filling in other communication needs.  There is much more involved with Social Media then just posting stories and status updates.  This work harnesses the power of community!  While it should never replace face to face interaction, social media is powered by our desires to connect in new ways.  Consider the following facts:

  • The next generation of missionaries and their supporters live online.
  • People have an amazing fascination with Alaska.
  • There is a desperate need for the Gospel in the Far North (Alaska and Northern Canada).

Put all these facts together and you understand why this ministry is so vital.  We must use people’s fascination with Alaska to open their eyes and get them involved so more lives can be changed!

This involvement includes prayer support and more workers for the harvest.  It will bring in more financial donations for various projects that support our missionaries who live ‘in the bush’.  (The best example of this is the aviation budget.)  This effort will also help our missionaries by giving their supporters more ways to connect online without the missionaries taking time away from ministry.

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