Near Overload

Dear friends,

There are times when I don’t like working in Social Media.  This election cycle was almost unbearable at times, but I marched on for the sake of the ministry.  Let us continue to pray for our new leader and work to bring healing to our neighbors.  Our calling has not changed even though the leadership in the Executive Branch is changing.  Thankfully, Jesus alone is our hope!

SEND North is also in a big transition of installing a new Area Director.  Jim Stamberg has accepted the call to serve as the leader of our field.   He was our Assistant Area Director and before that he was a church planter in Naknek, Alaska.  Please pray for Jim, his wife Marisa, and their two young boys.  Pray that God protects them and guides them.
One of our supporting churches is also in a transition as they are restructuring their mission efforts.  Here is one of their questions about our work along with my answer.  I thought you might find insightful.

“I understand there is always more that goes into social media and communications than meets the eye.  Do you have other projects you are currently working on in addition to what is available to view on the media portfolio page on your website?”   Thanks for the question.  I’ll start with an exhaustive list of what I do for SEND North during my 20 hours a week.

  • I keep their website up to date ( which includes the missionaries’ individual profiles
  • I write 3-4 articles for the blog each month
  • I update all the social media sites
  • I create bi-weekly prayer updates,
  • I help with other electronic mailings (like Extreme Hope)
  • I do various print and video projects as needed
  • I also custom build a good portion of the graphics for social media
  • I also have to do the donor relations work necessary to keep the social media project fund going

To do all of this takes a lot of background work.  I receive and read through all the prayer updates from our missionaries, keep up with the stories and issues shared on our internal messaging system on, keep up what’s happening on several social media outlets, and search for interesting content online.  Then there is the research on how to improve our social media presence.  This industry is moving at a lightning fast pace with new rules, applications, innovations, and best practices.  I take an hour a week to stay current.  Right now, when not doing all of the above, I also am working on the 80th Anniversary video for the mission.  That also involves coordinating with a volunteer who will do the voiceover work.”

Everything in the family is moving along smoothly with the same activities as shared in our last update.  It is so nice to have the routine, even though it is busy.  We are looking forward to having Daryl’s family over for Thanksgiving (the few who are in Illinois).    Keep Laura and her family in your prayers as this time of year is still difficult.  Laura’s Mom, Charlene, always made Christmas so magical!

One growing area of prayer concern is the finances for this social media/communications ministry.  Several of our supporters did not make the transition with us to the Social Media Marketing Project as our source of funding.  Whenever this fund is short, that comes right out of our paycheck, and we start piling up back pay.  Right now we have too much back pay, so we have to cut our hours until the fund is balanced.   We are just making it with Daryl working this part time ministry along with the full-time job, so the drop in hours is not a good thing for us or the ministry.  No manipulation here, just being honest.  In addition to prayer, please consider making a year-end gift to help us recuperate some of our back pay and keep up the 20 hours a week needed to maintain this important ministry.  That would be of great help to us. You can use this link to our project page.

Pray for:

-Our new Area Director.
-Good family celebrations.
-Financial turn around for our ministry fund.
-Effective holiday events for ministry teams in Alaska and Northern Canada.
-Wisdom for Daryl as he sets up a 2017 Social Media Marketing Plan in the next two months.
-Creativity to flow as the 80th Anniversary Video is put together

Would you like us to visit your church and share about the ministry of SEND North?  We would love it.  Please reach out and let’s make it happen!
Thanks again for being a valuable member of our team and we pray that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

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