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HI everyone,
I just sent out another newsletter.  I left out some details to keep it lighter reading.  For those of you who are interested, here is a list of what I am currently up to.  My part time work for SEND North is paying big dividends and is worth the struggles it brings.

Let me share the specific projects that I am currently working on besides keeping up with the social media presence.
The main project I’m working on is to create ways to grow SEND North’s e-newsletter, Extreme Hope.   1) I am re-tooling the whiteboard video I created for our personal support to be used to promote SEND North and newsletter signups.  2) I am creating small personalized ads to encourage.  These ads will be made for each of our missionaries to share.  Ours will be heading out soon to our churches.  3) I am creating a presentation for March’s conference in Alaska to encourage our missionaries to join in this effort.  All of this is important because a more robust newsletter list leads to more prayer and emotional investment.  More prayer leads to more partnerships.  All of this can lead to better social media connections.  A better social media connection lays a better foundation for rapid dissemination of news and information.  All of this will support our missionaries by creating stronger connections with their personal supporters as those people see the bigger impact of their partnership.  As we grow as a mission, we will need a more robust network to support all that God is doing!
I am also aiding missionaries in their media needs for their ministry.  1) Practical Positive Parenting is a ministry making a real difference in the Far North.  Here is a link to an article about them.
I am aiding in creating of materials for their special event in February.    2) Joe and Holly Greeson are in charge of caring for our missionaries’ emotional and spiritual well-being.  I am working with him to create online tools to facilitate that vital facet of our mission’s existence.
Finally, I am finding opportunities for online evangelism.   For example;  I commented on one Christian post which generated much dialogue with unbelievers.  I was able to interact with hostile folks and plant some seeds.  I have always felt very comfortable calmly discussing issues that most people get angry about.  I have unsaved friends who have said on many occasions that Laura and I are not like many Christians they know because we can have a calm dialogue on matters of Faith.  I am just open to speaking when prompted online and pray that God uses it.  Please pray for more of these  open doors.
We appreciate your support and prayers.  Part time does not mean less important, especially where God is concerned.

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