Daryl Carlson’s Media Portfolio

Here is an exhaustive list of what I do for SEND North during my 20 hours a week.

  • I keep their website up to date (sendnorth.org) which includes the missionaries’ individual profiles
  • I write 3-4 articles for the blog each month.  This gets cut down if my funds aren’t sufficient to work a full 20 hours a week.
  • I update all the social media sites:  Facebook      Twitter   LinkedIn    Pinterest  Instagram 
  • I create bi-weekly prayer updates,
  • I help with other electronic mailings (like Extreme Hope)
  • I do various print and video projects as needed.
  • I also custom build a good portion of the graphics for social media
  • I also have to do the donor relations work necessary to keep the social media project fund going

To do all of this takes a lot of background work.  I receive and read through all the prayer updates from our missionaries, keep up with the stories and issues shared on our internal messaging system on yammer.com, keep up what’s happening on several social media outlets, and search for interesting content online.  Then there is the research on how to improve our social media presence.  This industry is moving at a lightning fast pace with new rules, applications, innovations, and best practices.  I take an hour a week to stay current.

Here are some work samples:
Videos which I created for SEND North (write, shoot, edit):
Who is SEND North?    There is more to Alaska    SEND North Aviation

Print Projects:  God’s Extreme Love; Life and Ministry in the 60/70 Window.