September Already?

Dear friends,

It is September already?  Where does the time go?  Overall, we have been encouraged by the way God is bringing things together for us.  School is winding up, God is moving in exciting ways in SEND North, and we are relatively healthy.  We are truly thankful every day for all that God has done, and you are a major part of that!  Read on for some more details and encouragement.

We’ve seen God start to answer our prayers to keep an airplane in a strategic village.  Runway renovations threatened the removal of our airplane hangar, which would mean the removal of the airplane from that village.  Prayer went out for a key need, dirt; a limited commodity in that area.  God provided enough excess materials from the new runway to allow relocation of the hangar to the other side of the airport.  Now please pray for the work team planning to do the move.

Please join us in prayer this month for a specific, tragic reality of northern living.  September 10th is National Suicide Prevention Day.  We joined the Evangelical Covenant Church in Alaska as they proclaim September 8th as a “Day of Prayer and Fasting for Life.  You already know how important this issue is to me.  I’ve included the prayer guide we used to give you many ways to pray over the next few weeks.

Here is a little piece of inspiration which I created and shared online.


Finally on the SEND North front, we could use your help as we search for a new CFO.  Our current team member is set to retire in a few years so we have to start looking now.  Please direct anyone who has an interest to this link:


  • Laura:  She is co-leading the same group of women’s as last year in Sisterhood.  She is so excited about the opportunities to minister to women.  Laura is also back into the swing of teaching.  Pray for her because it is a big challenge!
  • Emily:  She is back into worship class; playing guitar, singing, and learning how to be on a worship team.  We are very excited about that experience for her.  Emily is also in homeschool choir.  She saved her pennies from Christmas and birthday to buy a unique baby doll known as ‘reborns’.  They are strikingly life like.  Emily’s passion for babies is growing, and she is starting her first steady babysitting job.  We will not be surprised if she ends up being a midwife.
  • Annika: She is also taking choir with Emily.  In addition, Annika is taking home school orchestra with the violin.  Her face lit up when she first pulled the bow over those strings!  Annika is also taking a few classes at a home-school co-op.   She is such a bright child who does so well with kids Sam’s age, at least that is what Sunday School teachers say when she has stayed with Sam in his class.
  • Sam:  He is in on a streak of not wanting to go to his Sunday School class (we don’t know why.)  Sam is taking drum lessons, bought a set with birthday money, and he loves it!  Sam enjoys his school and made a great friend with a neighbor boy.
  • Daryl:  My work with the Alzheimer’s Association continues to be meaningful and provide enough funds to fill in the gaps.  Our family is now in a small group with other families which is so exciting.  I am getting involved in our church’s outreach to Muslims who live in Peoria!

Pray for:

  • SEND North recently took part in a day-long prayer focus against suicide.  Please pray against this scourge.
  • Pray for health for our family.  We’ve had a string of illness which we are battling like never before.
  • Pray that I continue to have wisdom, creativity, and enough funds to cover 20 hours of work for SEND every week.  I enjoy this work and need the finances so please pray for it all to continue to grow and make a real difference in ministry!
  • Pray for spiritual protection as we reach out to Muslims.

Thanks again for being a valuable member of our team!

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