Support us by funding SEND North’s Social Media Project.

We began this social media outreach when we were full time missionaries with SEND International.  Since family needs demand we stay in Illinois, we now maintain and grow this outreach as an independent contractor.  This is just a more efficient way to administer this ministry.   Many of our faithful, personal, financial supporters are now funding this work.  Moving forward we are simply promoting this Social Media Ministry instead of the traditional method of promoting ourselves as missionaries.  (Again, a different approach to reach the same goal: lives transformed.)

We want this project’s funding to grow so it can cover more than our salary.   There is software that can help us do more, other people who’s services can increase the project’s effectiveness, and paid ads will extend our reach to more people.

The following are four ways you can help us promote, support and grow this vital ministry:

Church Media Partnership.

We are asking God to connect us with a large church that will support this project professionally as well as financially by linking us with their media department.  We desire to connect with a church that gives us ideas and technical support in edition to monetary support.  This level of involvement would be invaluable.  Contact us if you want to discuss this further.

Expand Our Network.

1) Become a Media Partner!  Follow SEND North on social media:
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In our modern day the most powerful thing you can do to help is simply share what God is doing through SEND North!

2) Help us line up live presentations. We would love to share face to face in churches or Sunday School classes.  If you think, your church might enjoy hearing from us please talk to your pastor or click here to email their contact  information to us so we can follow up.


Set Up Recurring Donations

Just like it sounds, we need people who promise by faith in God’s provision to give a set amount of money on a regular basis to the SEND North Social Media Project.  It still needs an additional $1,500 a month to be most effective.

You can easily set up recurring payments via credit card on the project page itself.  That option is given once you start the donation process on the main page.  If you choose to give monthly, you can have SEND International set up an automated monthly bank withdrawal for your convenience.  This is known as an EFT.   Just print out this form and mail it to SEND.  (All contributions to SEND International are tax-deductible.  SEND holds to high standards and is a part of ECFA)

One Time Gifts

We can always use one time gifts to keep the Social Media Project Fund solvent.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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